Get Your Land Clear Of Asbestos Before Implementation Of A Project!

You are required by the relevant laws that your land should meet latest environment standards before execution of a building project on it. Make sure you fulfill this requirement effectively.

To find out if your land is contaminated of asbestos and other minerals, get an asbestos sample testing done by a land assessment consultant. 

Here is why you should have a land testing done to get a contaminant-clean chit before execution of your project.

  • Asbestos and other minerals in land are potential risk to its occupiers. They can cause diseases such as cancer if left untreated.
  • A risk assessment before implementation of your project can help you determine quality of soil and level of contamination.
  • Contaminated soil would not be removed from your land, but after an asbestos sample testing is done, if contamination is found to be at level that it needs a solution, it is treated effectively.
  • You are required by your local authority’s laws, building bylaws and environmental protection regulations that an asbestos sample testing be done before implementation of a project.
  • It is a must that you take care of health and wellbeing interests of occupiers of your building project. If your land is contaminated it poses a serious risk to their health.
  • By ignoring mineral testing of your land can cost you more than the testing and treatment cost. It could potentially put you in trouble with law and you could end up facing serious damages cost etc.
  • It is a standard practice that is done before implementation of projects worldwide including Australia. Land owners and builders are required to have a contaminant-free land clearance before execution of their projects.
  • Land assessment consultants carry out asbestos and other mineral assessment according to environment protection laws. Asbestos sample testing is done at labs and if soil is found contaminated, it is treated through different methods and treatments such as chemicals.
  • Leaving land untreated not only poses risk to prospective occupiers but to workers too, who would work on your project. Don’t take risk and get your land tested. Otherwise, you could face a hefty health bill by putting health of workers at risk.
  • It is easier to seek services of a certified contaminated land assessment consultant, who would take care of land assessment, asbestos sample testing, identifying level of contamination and available effective treatments.
  • You might have to take certain measures such as provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect workers from hazards of contaminated soil.
  • If presence of asbestos in your land is at an acceptable level, you may leave it in your soil, but would have to meet certain requirements before and during execution of your project.
  • It is all about safety and protection of end users: workers and occupiers, from hazardous minerals. They while working in such conditions are exposed to those minerals.